Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have your own studio?
You bet I do. I sing and record all my vocals right here in my protools studio. That’s how I can often provide you same day or next day turn around.

What mic & DAW are you recording with?
The mic I use most for Jingle Vocal Sessions is the trusty Rode NT 1-A. It's surprising what a great clean, crisp & round sound I get from it. I have the Rode going into a Focusrite Platinum Voice Master Pre Amp, then into my Protools Digi002. I have over 10 years experience using Pro Tools, so when you send me a session its easy for me to navigate through it, track and clean up my parts, and send you a link to download my new session. Or just send me audio files and I'll create the Protools session.

What do you need to get started on my jingle?
All content for your Jingle including audio/ music bed for each cut as well as a melody guide (rough sing or instrumental), all lyrics, and a detailed vocal arrangement notes. You can deliver this content via Email, MP3s & a word document, or provide me log in info to download the files and protools session off your FTP Server.

How long will it take for you to record and deliver your completed files back to me?
This really depends on the size of your package as well as my schedule at the time you provide me the content. Most packages I deliver anywhere from the same day to 7 business days out at a maximum.

Can you download our Protools Sessions off our FTP site and then upload your session back?
Yes, this works. Or another way if youa re running a different DAW: you can email me MP3 files of your music beds and guide tracks and I'll create my own session, cut my vocals & either upload my audio files back to your FTP or provide you a link to download my session files off of my FTP. I find both of these ways to be the most time efficient and it's how I’ve done nearly all of my Client's packages. Many of the cuts in my LITSEN section were recorded here in my studio.

If I don't use Protools, can we avoid that and I just provide you with an MP3 Instrumental Track. Then can you record your tracks, solo them & send me back dry MP3 acappellas of your Vocals as well as Mixes of your Vocals?
You bet I can. Whatever format you prefer. (Additional hourly fees/costs may apply to this option)

Will you record a free sample for me?
I don’t usually do this but I am open to requests. I think with my extensive, diverse Portfolio you can hear a wide range of samples to give you an idea of how my work sounds. For my regular Clients with big Project Pitches, I can hardly resist since we almost always hit a home run and get the job! Most Demos I do are because they are in a language other than English. (I have sung jingles in Spanish, Dutch and German.)

What are your Fees?
Fees when I Engineer/Record from home are per cut. They vary depending on the elements of the Jingle, like it's length, whether its a Solo Sing or a Triple Stack, with harmonies or not, with a provided Guide Melody* or no guide track, with add libs or not, etc. For example a longer Donut Jingle with a front & end sing with harmonies & a couple of ad lib tracks would cost more than a short, triple stacked Tag. My fees per cut range from $50-95 USD/ Cut. Once I recieve a briefing sheet with a description of each cut ad its vocal treatment (solo, unison triple stack, 3 part harmony, etc, I can accurately quote teh project. I have a 150.00 USD minimum per Project. So small packages totaling less than 150.00 are still invoiced at my minimum fee of 150.00 regardless. 150.00 is my hourly rate for any on-location sessions at local studios. (Travel & Accommodation fees may apply to my hourly rate depending on exact location)

*If I am asked to do any writing, lyrics and/ or melody, additional fees, agreements, and song registration (BMI or ASCAP) will apply.

Do you Write & Arrange as well as singing the Jingle?
Vocal Arranging happens to be one of my fortes. Many of the packages I've done I’ve arranged or collaborated with the Producer on the vocal arrangements. I’d rather the lyric and melody be written to keep paperwork/ work registration fair and simple. I am always willing to suggest harmony parts if needed. *If I am asked to do any writing, lyrics and/ or melody, additional fees, agreements, and song registration (BMI or ASCAP) will apply.

How can I pay you?
There are several options for your convenience. I accept Cashiers checks & Money Orders or Business checks from Companies with a history with me. I can also take your payment through Paypal if you prefer using a Credit Card. If you are overseas Paypal works best or I can provide my Swift Code & Bank Account Number and you can do a Wire Transfer Deposit from your Bank to mine.


What do the following “Jingle” Terms meen:

The Music Piece used as the background track for the Vocalist to sing over.
Instrumental: This is a mix of the Music Bed Piece but without the Vocal Slogan in it.
A Cappella: This is a mix of just the Vocal, isolated, without any music behind it.
Dry A cappella: With no sound FX, just simply how it came from the microphone before any post editing.
Donut Jingle: A jingle that has both a Front Sing and and End Sing, with a hole in the middle filled with Music Bed for Voice Over, etc.
Front Sing: Refers to the Vocal Open segment of a Donut Jingle.
End Sing: Refers to the Vocal Close segment of a Donut Jingle.
Ramp: A jingle that has a Musical intro and has a Vocal Sing/Slogan close.
Shotgun: A short Jingle, usually 5 seconds or less.