Welcome to Jingle Queen, your one stop shop for professional, world class, cutting edge Female Jingle Vocals and Voice Overs by Emily McIntosh. Her voice is airing on popular stations all across the globe including: KISS, LONDON’S HEART, LBC, VIKING FM, SKY RADIO, THE CENTURY NETWORK, BEN FM, THE DELILAH SHOW, JAM'N, THE WOLF & MORE!

Some of you may be thinking to yourself, 'just what is a jingle?' A jingle, in advertising vernacular, is a memorable vocal line, or slogan, set to an engaging melody mainly used as an advertisement for a Product or Station, or to open or close a show (T.V. or Radio). Jingles are designed to be memorable and stick in the mind of the listener to assist in sales and/or popularity. Jingles can be used on TV, Radio and Podcasts and can be as simple as a stinger with a voiceover or a complex custom written piece depending on its intended result.

And why is Emily The Jingle Queen? Because her vocals are heard singing Jingles by tens of millions of international radio listeners each day, not to mention its a cute & catchy name too. So take a listen if you haven’t already, close your eyes and imagine these pipes belting out your station slogan or radio commercial. Don’t have a catchy melody yet? No problem. She’ll take care of that part too. Just tell her your Lyrics ideas or at least about the Product and she’ll take over from there. Request a quote. Its that simple to get your Jingle that much closer to being fabulously finished.